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Understanding robotics, automation & mechatronics

A growing range of new products to develop understanding and simplify robotics, automation and mechatronics for students. We have recently developed the AllCode concept, meaning users can program our AllCode products through the programming language of their choice. Automatics is a range of pneumatics carriers that appeals to those looking for a portable, affordable solution to teaching pneumatics and automation.

Level 4, 5, 6


Mechatronic Systems

This solution provides an introduction to the role of an Electronic Control Unit. Students use a number of prewritten programs for the MIAC Electronic Control Unit (ECU)


Motor control training unit

This solution provides a practical and low cost way of allowing students to understand the techniques of controlling DC motors.

Level 3

Formula AllCode Robot learning

Formula AllCode robot

This robot with Bluetooth capability enables you to program it from any host with a Bluetooth connection. The robot itself includes a fabulous specification.


Automatics essentials solution

This kit provides a complete introduction to pneumatic circuit design and construction. The curriculum pack includes a comprehensive set of worksheets.


Electro-pneumatics add-on kit

This solution allows students to investigate the electrical principles behind motors and generators and is designed to support the teaching of a range of automotive units.


Pneumatics control add-on kit

This kit extends your Automatics pneumatics solution by adding a powerful programmable microcontroller unit, the MIAC.

We have been using Flowcode & E-blocks in most of the electronics courses all over Flanders for the past 8 years. Its a great tool to pit your first steps in embedded programming and its also great to do the high level stuff such as embedded webservers and Bluetooth. The excellent and fast support of the Matrix team gives teachers the necessary confidence to take their projects to the next level.

Bart Huyskens, St JozefinstituutSchoten

Bart Huyskens teaching flowcode

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